Legal firm "Oleshko & Skripka" - юридические услуги в Запорожье, правовое обслуживание, адвокат в Запорожье, услуги арбитража, третейский суд, защита
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  • Legal firm "Oleshko & Skripka" offers you cooperation in the sphere of legal services

 Primary Intent

The primary intent of professional activities of our company is to create for you the best conditions for business success, finding the most effective and promising solutions.

 Our Technologies

Our technologies involve the use of a variety of tools to shorten the timeline of solutions to an issue to a minimum. It is a tried-and-true system of organization of work of specialists, interaction with public authorities, the ability to attract additional resources and much more. It is possible to resolve the widest range of issues through the work of well-coordinated team of multidisciplinary attorneys and lawyers, court-appointed managers and expert accountants, security personnel and professional technical support, with anything needed to resolve virtually any tasks.

 Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach allows identifying and solving a variety of problems arising in practical activity, our knowledge and experience make it possible to overcome any difficulties.
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